Jumper Commission #2

I told you previously about the jumper commission I’m working on, in this post: https://thesequinnedsheep.wordpress.com/2015/06/09/jumper-commission/

Really delighted to tell you that it’s going very well, I should have the back finished this weekend and the front is half done too.  I was waiting for my customer to confirm some details which is why I did half the back and then half the front.  I’m now finishing the back, because the front will have stripes and I’m going to use the back to work out where they are going to be.  It sounds a bit complicated, I know, but bear with me!

I thought I’d explain some of the process of ordering a custom order from me, and explain how I went about helping my jumper customer 🙂

As I mentioned before, she wanted jumpers for her and her husband in the colours of the family tartan.


So the first step was to find yarns that match it as closely as possible.


I also got a nice hunters green as well as this burgundy and navy blue yarn, will show you pictures of that another time.  Of course, it’s vital to make sure that my customer is happy with the yarns, especially as this is such a big project – if I make them and the yarns aren’t right, then I’d have to remake them and for a large project like this, it could take quite some time!  So I knitted up a small amount of the yarn in the same stitch that I would be using for the jumpers and sent it to her.  This was a great way for her to see the colours, feel the texture and make sure that she liked the stitch too (we’d already agreed on the pattern – I’d showed her several that would be suitable and she chose what she wanted).  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the samples I sent her but here you can see the lovely yarn and stitch that I’m using.  Happily, my customer loved the yarn and everything.

Closeup of the jumper
Closeup of the jumper

So of course, then I needed measurements, which she kindly sent me and then we had to finalise a few details.  She wanted stripes, but what kind of stripes?  There are so many options!  It is vital when making a custom order that my customer and I are imagining the same thing, but sometimes it’s hard to find out what they are thinking, words can’t always get that across.  And sometimes, they don’t know exactly what they want, and then it’s up to me to make some suggestions.  This is quite fun actually, it lets me get my creativity flowing!

This is what I came up with to show my customer, some options of the types of stripes she could have.  Please excuse my rubbish drawing, I’m not good at drawing, but you get the idea!  Which option would you chooose?

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Despite my lack of drawing skills, my customer immediately replied with the option that she liked, and we also agreed that the jumpers should have wrist stripes too – we both love wrist stripes!  I’m not going to tell you which option she chose, you’ll have to wait for my next blog post about the jumpers!

I hope you can see that I take great care to make sure my customers are happy.  I always want to make sure that you get exactly what you want, and will enjoy wearing or using the items you buy from me.  I specialise in making sure the colours are exactly what you had in mind, and if you aren’t sure exactly what you would like, then I can help you with that too!  For example, here are the colour options for my luxury wraps – you can choose from these options or ask me to find other options for you to choose from.


 When you have chosen your beautiful yarn, I can make you a lovely luxurious shawl or wrap – or perhaps several, one each for your bridesmaids perhaps?  Which yarn would you choose?

wrap pale pink

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed seeing how I help people to create a beautiful piece of handmade knitting, whether it be a nice warm jumper or a luxurious piece of lace to wear as a wrap.  What would you choose?


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