Knitting in Public

I love to knit in public and recently posted about World Wide Knit in Public Day which took place on 13 June 2015.

Photo courtesy of Ellen Pauley
Photo courtesy of Ellen Pauley

What an exciting day it was, I really enjoyed seeing all the tweets about events taking place all round the world!  Some lovely knitters got in touch with me and told me about their day!

The first is Ellen Paulley from Winnipeg. This is the info she sent me about the event she went to.

“The WWKIP Day event in Winnipeg was an opportunity for over 20 knitters and crocheters to gather and share their passion for and interest in the crafts. Meeting in Winnipeg’s beautiful Assiniboine Park, we shared stories and ideas and talked with passersby who were interested in what we were making. One even exclaimed that she’d like to buy each of the items we were creating! A local news station stopped by after seeing our event posted on social media, resulting in a short spot on the evening news. A great event and we look forward to doing it again next year!”

Ellen is a lovely knitting and spinner and she is on Twitter and Instagram

Photo courtesy of Ellen Pauley
Photo courtesy of Ellen Pauley

Allison Thistlewood also had a really good time on WWKIPDAY and tells us what she did, at a venue a bit more local to me, in London!

“I was attending the second annual Blogtacular conference that happened in London. It was an amazing event with many crafty and lifestyle bloggers in attendance, and more than a handful of knitters and knitwear designers too. And because it was WWKIPD, we did have our knitting with us! It was a nice way to relax while listening to the various speakers in the different sessions. I spent the day knitting on a sock, and later on in the evening at the pub with some of the knitters I managed to turn the heel so I was quite chuffed with my progress! It’s classic toe-up pattern so I’m on the home stretch now. 🙂
While WWKIPD is wonderful, it’s not the only day I knit in public. In fact, I often have knitting on me in my bag or purse. I knit quite regularly on public transport (the tube is so boring otherwise), and at coffee dates with other mums from school, or while my son is at one of his many after school activities. It’s a nice way to meet people and I’ve had lovely chats with strangers about knitting before, and met other knitters the same way too!”
Wonderful to hear that Allison knits in public quite often, I love to do that, and find that it’s a great icebreaker, people can’t resist talking to you if you have knitting in your hand!
UPDATE: Since this blog post was first published, Allison has sent me some more information and a great photo of the socks she has been working on.
Photo courtesy of Allison Thistlewood
Photo courtesy of Allison Thistlewood
 Allison tells me she was inspired to make the socks in the colours of the London Underground for a very special occasion: 
“I was knitting the socks in advance of this year’s Great London Yarn Crawl and Pop-Up Marketplace.”
You can find more information about Allison at or on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook search for yarninthecity.
Cutting up t-shirts to make yarn - upcycling at it's best!  Photo courtesy of Christina Hofmann Heck
Cutting up t-shirts to make yarn – upcycling at it’s best! Photo courtesy of Christina Hofmann Heck
Christina Hoffmann Heck uses her down time to crochet in public and to inspire others.  She says:
“I almost always have a crochet bag with me – anywhere from going to the doctor’s office to a friend’s house to outdoor activities! I also like to crochet when I’m in the car – as a passenger, of course.
The most common question I get is “are you knitting?” Nope! I’m crocheting! Since I’m usually working with upcycled “yarns” (plarn is PLastic bag yARN, or tarn which is T-shirt yARN), people are often interested in what I’m making. Occasionally, I’ve even sold items that I made on the spot!
I enjoy the opportunities to broaden people’s horizons, and get them thinking about repurposing and being creative. Also, it’s a great way to turn down time into profitable time, especially since I’ve been ill and unable to work. Crochet is my sanity!”
Christina Hofmann Heck turns plastic into amazing creations!
Christina Hofmann Heck turns plastic into amazing creations!

You can find out more about Christina’s fantastic creations and about upcycling plastic and t-shirts by using these links:
instagram & twitter: @plarnstar

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Merralls
Photo courtesy of Charlotte Merralls
Charlotte Merralls also has nice times knitting in public.  She tells me:

“I usually knit on the train on my commute to and from work, my journey is just over an hour and mini projects like scarves or mittens make the time pass quickly.

I find knitting in public is a great way to start conversations and I have always had positive reactions from others. I have actually spent 45 minutes teaching a teenage boy how to knit…he asked what i was doing and if it took long to learn, i showed him a basic stocking stitch and he said he was going to knit a scarf for his mum. It makes me happy to think my hobby has sparked interest in others and that I’m helping to keep traditional crafts alive.
I now carry spare needles and wool just in case someone asks if they can try their hand at a few rows! 

The older generations (60+) tend to comment too….best compliment ever ‘its good to see a young lady keeping up traditional crafts.’ ”

Really lovely to hear that she has inspired young people to take up the craft and brought back memories for older ones!
If you have had similar experiences to Ellen, Allison, Christina or Charlotte, or have thoughts about what you have read here, then do let us know!  I hope you have enjoyed reading their experiences of knitting in public – if you can knit and haven’t ever knitted in public, then go for it!  Or perhaps you do other crafts in public?  I’d love to hear from you!


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