I really love buttons, do you?  Buttons are so gorgeous, and as you can see, I’ve got quite a big collection! These are just some of them, but I am always buying more!


A few years ago I couldn’t find any earrings that I liked and that were hypoallergenic, so I started making my own.  It’s very easy to buy earring backs online that are hypoallergenic and it’s so easy to make button jewellery!  I love doing it, thought you’d like to see a few of the things I’ve made


The first ones I made were from my mother of pearl buttons, I made three pairs, purple, pink and blue, but I can only find these two now, it was quite a long time ago!  I might have to make more so that I can have matching pairs again!

Since then I’ve made more, and started making hair clips and brooches

And I’ve started to paint wooden buttons lately so I can have them the colours I want.  Using nail varnish seems to work well, it comes in nice colours and of course when they are dry they are also varnished.  I’ve not had any problems with it, and am hoping that I can keep doing it and make lots of nice buttons to add to my work and to make jewellery with!


I’ve also put some buttons on my knitted items, the first hat has buttons that were painted with nail varnish.


The neckwarmers have handmade buttons on, the blue one is a ceramic button with a lovely pattern on it from Cariad Clay on Etsy and the purple neckwarmer has a fused button from Cyndra Arts, they are really beautiful.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what I’ve made!  If you want any jewellery, just send me a message, and if you want any of the knitted items, you can see them in my online shop, or you can ask me any questions you have, or to create something gorgeous just for you!


Please feel free to leave me a comment and tell me what you think!



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