How to Make A Stunning Tea Light Holder


I love tea light holders and I love making things, so what better than to make a tea light holder!

For this project, you will need:

One Glass Jar (I used a jar of a well known chocolate spread brand, as the jars don’t have a screw top)

Super Glue

Yarn, Twine, Hessian – really whatever you think will look nice.  I used Ice Yarns Metalllic Yarn


Damp cloth – to wipe your fingers, the nozzle of the glue, and clean off any glue that gets on the part of the jar that you don’t want to cover up.  I always forget this and end up with very gluey fingers and have to go and get a cloth halfway through!

A simple project with only three essential ingredients!

Safety: Always read the instructions on the glue you are using – some glues give off a lot of fumes and may need to be used in a well ventilated area or have other safety instructions.  Some glues may not be suitable for use on this project due to the fumes and candle.  Make sure the glue is dry before you light any candles near it.  If in doubt, do research online to make sure the glue you are using is suitable or if there are any other safety instructions you need to be aware of.



Turn the jar upside down and put glue round the bottom.


Wrap the yarn round the base of the jar on the glued section.  Try to do this bit as neatly as possible so that the jar won’t be wonky when you stand it up.


Carry on doing this and gradually cover the jar.  Don’t worry if you have small gaps between the layers of yarn, as it will allow glimmers of the candle to shine through and looks very pretty when the candle is lit.  Don’t panic about small beads of glue coming through either, with this sparkly yarn it doesn’t show.  I don’t know if it will show if you use other materials, you’ll have to experiment.  Your damp cloth will come in handy wiping them off if you need to.


Keep going until you have covered as much of the jar as you wish to.  Neatly cut the yarn and make sure the end is glued down firmly.


Clean off any glue that is on the glass above your final level of yarn.


Tadaa!  It’s finished!  I didn’t cover as much of the silver one as I did with the gold one I made a few months ago, not sure why really, but just did it by eye and decided it looked good at the level I finished at.

This is quite a simple project, but it looks nice as I’m sure you agree!  They look lovely when they are lit too!


Let me know if you make these tea light holders, I’d love to see what you use.  You can also use jars with a screw lid, and cover up the top if you wanted, that would also look nice.

Feel free to leave comments here and let me know what you think!


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