This week has been a mixture of good and bad.  The good part is that I finished the first sleeve for the burgundy jumper, wahoo!  It looks good eh!


I folded it so you can see the top and bottom of it which are the most interesting bits.

However, when I went to my stash to get more wool to make the next sleeve, this is what I found:


I only have three small balls left!  Nightmare!  So I was a bit panicked, went online straight away to get some more and the lady I bought from originally didn’t have anything for sale in her Ebay shop!  Had she gone out of business?  Or as it is August, maybe she was on holiday?  I sent her a message right away, explaining my problem and the next morning she replied and said she is on holiday and will be able to provide me with more wool on her return next week, phew!

In the meantime, I also messaged my customer and apologised profusely and explained what had happened.  I’d not used the yarn specified in the pattern, I’d swapped it for another super bulky yarn that came in the colours we wanted, and although I’d got the same weight (in fact, I got extra as running out of wool is my worst nightmare) I didn’t think to compare the yardage and I guess the yardage must be quite different, which accounts for me running out with so much of the jumper left to complete.

Thankfully, my customer is a really nice lady and very understanding and just viewed it as a new creative challenge!  She is aware that although I will be getting new burgundy yarn (and I’ve got extra navy as presumably the same will happen when i make the navy jumper) it will be a different dye lot and so there may be a slight difference in the colour.  She said that she’d be happy to make the jumper sleeves stripey perhaps, which would look good, and make the colour difference less obvious.  We’ll talk more when the yarn arrives and we can see if there is much of a colour difference.

Funnily enough I was reading a blog post this week about what to do if you run out of yarn, annoyingly I can’t find it now so can’t share the link with you.  They made suggestions such as making a border in another colour, or if you are making a garment, you could do the top part of the sleeves in the same yarn as the main body of the garment and then do the lower half in a different colour – the key is to make it look symmetrical so that it looks like you did it on purpose.  They also suggested stripes, which my lovely customer did too, so I think that seems like the option for this garment.

In happier news, my new business cards and postcards arrived!  I love them!  I’m dying to send someone a postcard!  I write a note on them thanking my customers.  So if you buy anything from me, you’ll get one!


Have a good weekend everyone and see you next week!  I’ll keep you posted on how the jumper goes and what we decide about the sleeves.  I’ve got some nice posts coming up, interviews with people and a few tutorials too, so do keep an eye out for those!


5 thoughts on “Disaster!

  1. Way to avoid a complete disaster! I can’t wait to see the finished product! Abd great business cards and postcards. Love them!

  2. I have had this happen and my yarn mentor told me to do a row with the original yarn then a row with the new yarn, carrying both up the sides. They magically blend and no one is the wiser. If this doesn’t make sense, let me know.

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