Happy Worldwide Knit in Public Day!

Today is Worldwide Knit in Public Day!  Are you taking part?  I’d love to see your photos and hear your stories if you are!  If you aren’t a knitter, perhaps you might see some of the events taking place today as you go about your day and wonder what is going on!  If you see anyone knitting in public today, tell me about it, I want to know what you thought!

Sadly, I’m not taking part as not able to get out of the house today, although if I pick up a bit later I might go and sit on the bench in my road and get my knitting out but it won’t be part of any official events or anything.  But I really want to support everyone who is taking part!  Here is the official Facebook page, I’ve been following it avidly and they have just posted with this information:


This year we have set a new record for our community.

There are in total:

– 882 Knit-in-Public events

– in 56 different countries

There are 10 new countries this year: Japan, Indonesia, China, Kuwait, Phillipines, Cyprus, Faroe Island, Ecuador, Gibraltar and France. Welcome to all of you smile emoticon

This year there are more than 200 events than last year..that’s also a record.

I think the records shows that the world really needs knitting – and the mission with this project is:

“Better Living Through Stitching Together”

– after 10 years – we can say “Mission accomplished”

Yeeay !! Hurray Hurray Hurray…….!!!!

Congratulations to all of us – and enjoy your WWKIPDAY”

Isn’t that wonderful!  A new record!  And so many events taking place!  You can check out their page and see if there is anything happening near you on their website!

I do love to knit in public.  I’m always knitting, wherever I go, and it’s fascinating to see people’s reactions.  I will invariably end up with at least one person talking to me while I’m knitting.  Usually an older person will want to know what I’m making and tell me about their own projects, or a middle aged man will tell me about his mother or grandmother who loved to knit. I have to admit, I was totally thrilled to meet a middle aged man who loved to knit himself, so rare to meet a man who loves to knit!  And even more amazing, when he found out that I’m The Sequinned Sheep he exclaimed: “I follow you on Twitter!” so that was quite an ego boost!

I also love it when children are watching me and will turn away and whisper to their Mum: “what’s she doing?” that’s the best thing ever!  I always hope that they might begin to knit themselves as a result of seeing me knitting, not sure if that has ever happened but I always take time to explain what I’m doing and show them my work if they are interested.

The best conversation I ever had while out and about with my knitting was while at the doctors, in the waiting room, and an elderly lady got into conversation with me and told me all about her war work with a member of the Royal family, I think she said Princess Alexandra, and funnily enough I had just seen a documentary about the work Princess Alexandra had done during the war so I was able to follow what she was saying and work out what she meant when she didn’t fill in much detail.  Like many older ones who did amazing things, she talked about in the briefest terms and didn’t really expand on what she was saying, but it was obvious she’d worked hard and helped many people.  I love hearing older people talk, they are full of fascinating stories and I would never have got into conversation with her if I hadn’t been knitting in public!

Got some evidence of me knitting in public – the first one is quite poignant as it was taking on a lovely trip to Clandon Park, which has since burnt down.


My tips for knitting in public are:

– use circular needles, much easier to carry around, they won’t stick out of your bag and jab you in uncomfortable places while you are going about your day, and you don’t have to worry about one of them falling out of your bag.
– keep your yarn in your knitting bag and hook the knitting bag over your wrist, this makes it less easy for the yarn to jump out of the bag and roll off, after having to untangle it from the chair I’m sitting on in the waiting room at the doctors or hospital, chase the escaping ball across the airport, from the floor of the car when i’m knitting in the car, and all sorts of other adventures the ball of yarn decided to go on, this is the best method I’ve found! If you don’t want the weight on your wrist, just rest it in your lap, but gravity will still keep the ball in the bag!

If you want to see what other people think about knitting in public, then have a look at this article on Lion Brand (I swear they aren’t paying me to mention them on my blog, but I just happened to be reading this today!) and the comments especially, which I absolutely loved reading!


Knitting at Box Hill cafe.

Like I said, do let me know if you see any knitting in public events today or are taking part!  I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on all of this.  Follow me on Twitter @sequinnedsheep or on FB https://www.facebook.com/TheSequinnedSheep for daily updates on what I’m doing!


8 thoughts on “Happy Worldwide Knit in Public Day!

  1. I love knitting in public. I used to do it at my daughter’s pre school, all the children would come to see what I was doing my whereas my daughter would just come tell me to stop knitting and go play with her!! She already knew what I was doing, and figured it was eating into her mummy time!!

  2. Hi Alice. I knit in public too, amongst other things I have been known to do in public! I crochet mostly as you know, it’s easier for me with one hook and a ball of wool. Keep on knitting x

  3. I’m the most useless knitter, but both my Mum and Nana would spend hours out in the sunshine clicking the needles. Even to this day, as 84, mum takes her knitting EVERYWHERE! 🙂

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