Mood Scarf or Weather Scarf?

Found a new knitting blog yesterday and was totally getting inspired by their idea of making a Mood Scarf! The idea is that you knit a row or two per day in a colour that would match your mood. What a fab idea!

I was reading this blog by Jem Weston, and she chose three colours, but I think I might take up her suggestion to use five if I ever made one.…/04/05/mood-scarf-a-happy-end…/  I like the colours she chose, but yellow and grey don’t really suit me, so I’d have to think about the colours I might use and what each one would mean.  What colours would you choose and what moods would they be for?

It reminds me of when I was little, my Mum used to have a large tree that was printed onto a huge piece of paper, with a leaf for each day of the year. She would carefully colour each leaf in according to the weather for that day. If the weather was changeable (when isn’t it) then the leaf for that day would be quite multicoloured! It was a wonderful project and I often think I’d like to do something similar. Perhaps it would be possible to do a Weather Scarf!  I could imagine it, yellow for sunshine, green for rain, blue for ice, white for snow, but I think I’d like to find a way to incorporate the temperature too, warm sunshine or cold sunshine for example.  I might just pick colours that suit me and decide which weather they will represent! 

Perhaps some pinks and purples and blues, my favourite colours!


Or – this idea really interests me – how about doing both and seeing how the weather affects your mood! You could either do two scarves and lay them side by side to see if the weather affects your mood or not, or you could try to incorporate both into the same scarf, although that might get a bit complicated and hard to “read” as it were. What do you think?

I actually found the idea of the Mood Scarf and Jem Weston’s blog on the Lion Brand email that I get sent and they have some other ideas too on how you could make the scarf – there is a nice loop scarf that I like the look of.  I’d design my own though, as I prefer that in case someone else asks me to make them a version of whatever I’m wearing, don’t want to end up ripping off someone else by accident!

(Note: they recommend angora yarn at the start of this post, it would be worth your while researching how angora is harvested from the rabbits, I find it totally morally wrong to use this kind of yarn and will not use it in any projects, no matter how pretty it might.)…/out-of-the-box-knit-project-m…/…

Anyway, it would be interesting to try it out I think.  I think on balance I’d prefer to do the weather scarf instead of the mood scarf, but I’ll let you know if I go for it and show you how I get on!  Which would you choose?


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