My Week In Wool

After a really busy week last week, I thought I’d show you what I’ve been up to!

So here is a cute little fox badge that I made for a lady on Twitter (Designed by Amanda Ochocki,


When she received it she tweeted me: ” I LOVE IT!!!! IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!!!” How’s that for a happy customer! 

I also finished THE jumper!  Wow, yay!  Do you like it?


I’ve not heard from my customer, so not sure what he thinks, hoping it’s all ok and that he’s got it safely!

A returning customer had asked me to make her two flamenco scarves, here they are waiting to be wrapped and posted:


Some gorgeous frothy frilliness!  I’ll be showing you some proper pictures of them so you can see what they are like in all their glory, as I have a few more balls of this yarn so that a few other people can have one if they want to! 

After that it was time to make some slipper soles – I made these lovely slippers for a lovely lady who decided she’d like to make the soles a bit thicker, so asked me to make two more soles for her to sew on.


Oh and some new wool arrived!  Hurrah!  I love getting parcels of wool!  


Then I got an order for this scarf, so am knitting away on that today! 



What a busy week that was, and as you can see I’m still working on that last scarf.  I do have a few more things up my sleeve too (not literally of course! That would just be ridiculous!  And hard to knit with all that up there!) so am hoping to show you those very soon!


Oh, and I’ve just remembered, don’t forget to take a look in our shop this weekend, as we will be having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale!  So come armed with plenty of dosh to get those bargains!



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