My sister has gone to Edinburgh

My sister is catching the train from King’s Cross to Edinburgh today to have a girly week with two of her friends.  Jealous much?  Moi?  You bet I am!  I hope they have a fabulous time though, it sounds great doesn’t it!  I’ve always wanted to go to Edinburgh.  I bet she will be looking in lots of lovely wool shops too and buying some delicious yarn to make me even more jealous LOL!


Well, last blog I showed you all the things I’ve been making for other people, lots of custom orders!  Hurrah!  But what about when my brain is too tired to focus on anything much but I still want to knit?  Well this is perfect for those times, and usually gets done last thing at night when I want to wind down a bit before bed.  It is to go with the bright yellow cowl that I put in my shop last week, I’m hoping to have a whole range of bright coloured or rich coloured cowls.  This is the second in that range!  It’s a lovely forest green, so will be more in the rich coloured part, but I’m going to do bright orange next, unless any of you want to suggest a different colour!  Let me know if you fancy one!  They are £35 each and you can see the bright yellow one here, it’s a giant one!


Occassionally through the week I will just crave to do something other than orders, and so will take half an hour out to do this, it’s so pretty and just gets that creative mojo going again on days when I don’t really feel like knitting much.


It’s a gorgeous black mohair mix wrap, with sequins in all different colours.  It’s done in a lovely ladder stitch – I was inspired to do this because I am making myself a wrap in purple and the pattern is ladder stitch, but that one is copyrighted for personal use only, so I can’t make any more for the shop.  So I had a look in my stitch bible at ladder stitches, as I’m really falling in love with them, and found this one!  I hope you like it!  Am thinking of making this wrap available to pre-order, let me know if there is any interest in that please!  



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