Unexpected Photos On My Camera

My parents kindly gave me a camera they no longer use, I’m so excited about it!  It’s much posher than the one I was using before, which was also second hand, and the bonus of this one is that they still have the instruction manual!  Hopefully it will help my photos to improve!

I used it for the first time to take the photos for yesterday’s blog post, and when I downloaded them, I was surprised to find 500 other photos on the memory card which all downloaded too!  LOL!  So I thought I’d show you some of them (sorry Mum and Dad! Haha!)

So here is my Mum in a hat I gave her – it’s not made by me, I bought it from another great knitter when I was too nervous to try to make hats.  Nice to see she likes it and is wearing it!  It’s a mad hat isn’t it, it’s perfect for my Mum who loves wacky hats!  I love this colour on her, pink really suits her.

Here is my Dad, not wearing any hats!  Looking happy and relaxed in the sunshine!  I think he is at a bird watching place, a big hobby for him and my Mum.

And here is a picture of some things my sister made for a craft fair – they are beads and flowers and people can choose a selection to make their own jewellery. They go down very well at craft fairs, and are usually the most popular section of the table.   The flowers would make great additions to clothing, as well as for jewellery making, as you can sew them on to your clothes, or make them into brooches.  They can also be used to zest up your cushions or other home furnishings!  What other ideas have you got about uses for them?  If you are interested in buying some of these online, this is your chance to tell me!

And lastly, here is a scarf I listed yesterday, it’s one I really want to keep for myself so am hoping it won’t sell!  Click the photo if you want to see it in my Etsy shop to see a fuller description and more photos of it.

Oh, and before I go, if you want to find out more about me and my work, then here is a blog interview I did for myMzone, I’m rather pleased with it!  It went down really well!  And there are some tips at the end of it for those who are thinking of starting up their own craft business.



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