Yet Another Project

I have done something very foolish.  I have started another project.  I have so many projects on the go, scarves, bags, cushion covers, gloves…in fact I have two bags full of them and a box!  


But these fingerless gloves are so pretty!  I made a pair for a friend last year, using up some small balls of wool that I was given.  I didn’t have enough to make any more, but really wanted to and so after a long hunt to find out what the original wool was (I didn’t have the labels for it either, just a small amount of each), I have finally got what I need to remake these gloves!


What do you think?  Are they worth putting my other projects on hold for a bit longer?


There are two sorts of wool in these gloves.  One is a pink wool blend as you can see in the photo, it’s a lovely raspberry colour.  And the other is mohair, and this was the one that it was hard to track down as it’s discontinued.  But I found a lady who used to run a wool shop and was selling off her old stock, and she sold me several balls of it.  It’s so gorgeous, it changes colour throughout, and has pink, orange, green and a steel grey/blue in it.  It goes perfectly with the raspberry pink and is also perfect for this time of year, really autumnal and warm!  


I often use two wools together to create an effect, and I am so delighted with how these look together!  


I will get back to my other WIPs when these are done, promise…


5 thoughts on “Yet Another Project

    • Hi Cole, sorry for taking so long to reply. It’s been a busy weekend here! I charge between £15 and £20 depending on distance. I’ve not ever thought of doing them via Skype, it’s an interesting idea! I’ve not really got the facilities to do it here unfortunately but if things ever change, it’s definitely something I would consider. Thanks for asking!

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