Baby Love

It’s taken me over two years to decide whether to do a baby range of Sequinned Sheep items (Sequinned Lamb?). For a long time I felt that there are so many people selling knitted and crocheted baby clothes that maybe it wasn’t worth us doing them too.

But we’ve had a lot of people suggesting them or asking for them, and after a lot of thinking, I’ve decided that we can add our own unique Sequinned Sheep style to babywear and offer something a little different to the norm.  Plus it gave me a great excuse to do a blog post with a title the same as a song by The Supremes, which I love!  Here is a selection of the first few items we’ve made, hope you like them!

I’m hoping to add baby cardigans and blankets as well, and also I’ve made some hats, just need to get some decent photos of those before I can show you them. If there is anything you’d like to see, then just let me know and I will make it!

We are always open to special request items, so if you want to treat that special baby in your life to something we’ve not made yet, then just let me know and we will make it for you!


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