A Little Help For My Friends

Hi all!  Hope you are having a fab Monday morning.  It’s a slow day here, as I’m very tired after a busy weekend, but I am going to be carrying on making a bag handle for a lovely pale blue shopping bag, and also going to make a start on instructions for a Kindle Sleeve, as I’ve agreed to submit instructions and photos for a crafting magazine!  More info on that to follow shortly!

If any of you get a moment today, would you please vote for some of my crafty chums?  They are both applying for grants to help them with their crafts, and they are both British craftswomen who thoroughly deserve to get these grants.

Sandra from The Feminine Touch needs 299 votes in order to get the grant:


Rachel from Rachel Elliott Glassworks needs 500 votes to get her grant


It is really easy to vote and will really help them, so please do if you are a spare couple of minutes available today.  You do have to sign up to the site, but it’s free to do it, they ask you 6 questions I think, and you get two emails afterwards that you can ignore, so it’s easy and hassle free!

Thanks so much!


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