My Stash!

I promised some of my friends a while ago to show them my stash of yarn, and here it is!  I don’t know exactly how many balls of wool I have, I think it must be more than 500 though.



I spent a whole afternoon getting it all into colours, as you can see, all the blues together, pinks together, neutrals and browns together and so on.  They are in trays, that were originally supposed to be in a rack, but the rack is broken now, so each tray is now piled on top of each other (slightly precariously as each one is just a bit too full!) – I didn’t have quite enough trays, so some are in boxes and red is in a bag, as are a few yarns that I had large quantities of.  I have them all piled up next to my bed now, so I lie there looking at it all and dreaming up fantastic new creations!  I’ve been so busy with commissions since then that I’ve not been able to do any of the new things I’ve thought of, but hopefully will get to some of them soon!

Let me know if you see a yarn you like and want me to create something with it for you!


5 thoughts on “My Stash!

  1. I love that you color-coordinate your yarn. Organizing the my stash is definitely on the to-do list, but it is waaay near the bottom. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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