UFOs continued!

So, when I left you last, I was talking about UFOs and how hard it is to get anything finished!  As all knitters will know, UFOs are Unfinished Objects, not Unidentified Flying Objects!

I’d got to this gorgeous scarf

and come to the end of the ball of wool, but I didn’t get to dig out the next ball of wool to finish it off, as my Mother in Law asked me to make her a hat, so I started that instead:

I did finish this, but it was too small, so I have to start again, sigh.  It’s my own fault, she just said an average size hat, so I didn’t measure her or anything.  But she has big hair which I didn’t really think of!  I will do another one, will probably start today actually, as I have a little down time between custom orders.  Hopefully, she will let me take a photo of her wearing it so I can show you all when it’s done!

The reason I didn’t start a new one yet was that I had a custom order for this golf club cover

and I did get this one finished! LOL!  It was an order, so of course I got it done, a lovely lady I know wanted to give it to her husband for Valentine’s Day.  His golfing buddies have a competition for the silliest golf club cover – hopefully he will win, as the pompom on top is enormous!  I’m hoping that other people might want me to make them some of these in their team colours or favourite colours.  Click on the picture and you will go to my Etsy shop to see more about that.

Oh and somewhere in between all of that, I made this hat too:

Feel free to laugh, the hat did not turn out as well as I’d hoped and looks pretty crazy!  There are also tons of ends of the turquoise yarn that need tucking in.  Sigh, I think this might turn out to be a UFO that never gets finished!

Maybe I need to set aside a week just for UFOs, I did that once before and got lots finished.  I think I might have to schedule one in!


4 thoughts on “UFOs continued!

  1. Hey, we have all had those days! Going through some now…..What’s the bible say…”Critical times hard to deal with”? I don’t think it meant your knitting nightmares! haha!

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