Where are you?

I’m sure you’ve all been asking this, where are you?  I’ve not posted anything for ages, and I’m really sorry about that.  Our computer went phut, and stopped working!  My fantastic Dad, a computer genius, has been working away on it for two weeks, and got it mended yesterday, so here I am!  I’m hoping to do many more posts soon, just wanted to let you know I’ve not forgotten about you all.


Tim and I have been very busy getting our new home ready.  We are so excited, it’s going to be wonderful.  We finished painting the bedroom last night, and the living room is nearly done too.  Once the painting is done, the carpets will go down and then we can really get cracking with moving our stuff in.  I’ve been doing a bit of packing, but this studio flat is so small you can’t really pack much unless you can immediately move the boxes out.  When the carpets are down, we can move things round to the new place, which will make it much easier to pack things up!


It’s all  so exciting.  I will make sure I put some photos up soon and show you our new home.  Once we are in there, I will be able to start some really gorgeous projects too and focus properly on my knitting, which will be wonderful!  I’ve packed up all my wool now, I couldn’t believe how many boxes and bags I filled up.  I’m dying to get some nice storage to put it all in, any suggestions would be gratefully received!


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