Toy sheep, Antony’s journey and a new home!

What an amazing week this has been!  Last Thursday we had an unexpected phone call to say that we could go and view a flat that we’d enquired about, so on Friday we went to see it and decided to move there!  So this past week has been full of excitement and happy plans of how we are going to decorate it and all the things we need to do before we can move in.  We picked up the keys this morning!  I’m so happy and excited!  We’ve lived for four years in a dark, damp tiny studio flat, and are really so pleased to be able to move a bigger place.  It’s a real answer to a prayer!

As well as getting ready to move, I’ve been busy knitting two toy sheep for a lovely lady who has sheep of her own.  I’ve really enjoyed making them.  Toys aren’t really something I plan on having in my online shops, but it’s been fun to make them so maybe I will think again about that in the future.  I’ve had a bit of a nightmare taking photos of them, as all the batteries I put in the camera died, but I managed to get this one

I’m also making a tea cosy for a small tea pot for a lady on Twitter.  She recently moved home to a cottage and is going to coordinate all her kitchen utensils and things to match the bright pink of the tea cosy!  How exciting is that!  I felt very honoured when she told me that, how wonderful!  My little tea cosy is the inspiration for a whole kitchen colour scheme!

I had a very interesting encounter on Wednesday that I’d love to tell you about.  I took my car to have it’s MOT at Peter Sylvester and Sons garage at Fairlands (if you live near Guildford, this garage is the best ever, they are friendly, honest, and completely non-patronising, I know nothing about cars but they always patiently explain what needs to be done) and while I was waiting for it to be done, a man with a rucksack came in and asked where he was and how to get to Gatwick Airport!  We all looked at him like he was mad!  Anyway, it turns out that he left Nottingham at 8 that morning, and was hitchhiking all the way to the airport to catch a flight to Germany by 7am on Thursday morning!  It was very interesting hearing about his story, and you can read more about it on his blog It’s well worth taking a look and finding out why he was hitchhiking his way around the UK and Germany!   I gave Antony a lift from Sylvesters to a petrol station in Merrow so that he could hopefully get a lift from there to Dorking and onwards to Gatwick.  I thought it was quite cool to meet a hitchhiking pensioner, it’s a first for me!


4 thoughts on “Toy sheep, Antony’s journey and a new home!

  1. Sequinn, are these the sheep you mentioned on DLC? They are precious!—so sweet. What is Etsy Lush? I’m sure that cozy wll be a hit with them! So are you getting settled in?

    • Hi Susan, yes, they are the sheep I mentioned, glad you like them! Etsy Lush is a site that promotes the very best of items that people sell on Etsy. Anyone can submit their items and then Etsy Lush choose the ones they like and display them. If you google them, I’m sure you will find it and be able to take a look! 🙂 We’ve not moved in yet, we are still decorating it, hoping to move in next week, can’t wait!

  2. Hi Alice – lovely to read your blog. I’ve put some more text on my blog and there are now some photos ( well as one of you). Thanks again for the lift and your comment that I am a cool pensioner. LOL

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