Sparkly Yarn

Just wanted to show you this gorgeous bag I just finished.  It’s made from incredibly special sparkly yarn.  It is delicate cream yarn with a gorgeous sparkly thread running through it. Depending on how the sparkle catches the light it can appear pink, cream or even pale green. It is absolutely beautiful, subtle sparkle, so lovely! It is hard to make it show up in the photos but it does show a little bit in some of them.

I got myself quite a bit more of it than I would need to complete the order as I’m planning on using it to make some new things for my shop!  Am thinking perhaps some lovely fascinators or corsages would look good, who knows maybe a bride will choose to wear one for her special day!  It’s certainly special enough for that.

I also made this treasury to highlight the pain and loneliness of depression.  I hope you will take a look.  Whether you are a fellow sufferer of this condition or not, it is important to me to help others understand it.  We can all be affected by it, or know someone who is, and if we understand it better we can help ourselves and others better.


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