Curry, new friends and bag making!

I think this weekend has been one of the best I’ve ever had!  It’s been such great fun!  Yesterday, one of my husband’s friends met up with us and Tim’s best friend and his wife on his way back to the Isle of Wight (he’d been over on the mainland for a few days doing some voluntary work).  My husband, Tim, and his best friend had a holiday on the Isle of Wight staying with Luke and his family and this holiday has become a kind of legend now!  They reminisce about it so much that I know all the stories by heart!  It was lovely to finally meet Luke at last, who turned out to be a tall lanky blond lad, utterly charming and totally bonkers!  I can see now why they had such a good time on holiday at his place.  We spent most of the day in absolute fits of laughter, at one point we were wiping tears out of our eyes!

The day was topped off nicely by a curry at The Curry Inn in Cranleigh – wow, that place really does deserve it’s award as the Best in the SouthEast!  The food there was amazing and the service was really good.  We are definitely going to become regulars there now!

I’d not realised we were going to spend so much time with our friends, I’d assumed that we were going to meet up with them in the evening, so I’m a bit behind with orders but am catching up today.  Am just finishing off a bag for a lovely lady – it’s made of cream sparkly wool which I’ve really loved working with.  I got myself some extra balls of it so can make some other gorgeous things with it, I think it would make great bridal accessories if any brides would like to wear a flower hair fascinator made of it!  Or a lovely corsage brooch.

I’d already pinned up a baby hat and a blue honeycomb bag ready to sew up before I got these orders, so had to sew them up yesterday morning so I could use my pins to sew up the cream bag.  It didn’t take long to sew them up and I’m ever so pleased with them, will be putting them in my Etsy shop soon.

I’m also making some toy sheep for a lady who has sheep of her own and wants to give a toy sheep to a friend’s baby, the first one is nearly done and the toy stuffing and safety eyes came yesterday so I can crack on with them tomorrow and will hopefully get them done in the next few days!  And then I can make a mini tea pot cosy for someone who wants one like the one in the picture.

It’s been a busy time but such great fun, really have enjoyed it and it’s rejuvenated my spirits a lot, although I feel totally worn out!  I’m looking forward to a nice day tomorrow watching Miss Marple and working on those orders!


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